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The Advantages of your own web site

  • Global distribution of your information.
  • Press releases, service and product descriptions online for your customers to see, 24 hour service to clients with no extra costs.
  • Use your web site as an online brochure for your products, and services, your web site can contain all the information your clients would ever need, even when your business is closed.
  • Expand your personal or corporate identity locally or worldwide.
  • Collect information to help benefit your off-line business.
  • The advantages are endless.

Complete or partial web development services

Each design layout is created from scratch for each customer, no prefab design templates are ever used, unless the customer requests it. We give all our customers unique site design, custom graphics and a site layout all their own, with prices well below the industry standard. You will always have a good experience dealing with 3a3-Interactive.net. We know the problems you are faced with making an important decision like choosing a web design company its a very big step. Remember, that even if you don't purchase our products or services, we are glad to help you any time. Customer satisfaction is our greatest reward!

This site is an excellent representative of a company selling web services in the early 2000's. I utilized the information from this site in my early days, as did my friend Tobias Wexler. After building out several of his own sites just for fun, Tobias Wexler decided to go professional. All the necessary talent was at his fingertips - his wife was an digital artist, his brother a writer, and he knew code. Wexler originally built the business based on a website/hosting contract with a large wholesaler selling trash bags online.

And he cleaned up, as it were, riding the internet wave. Trash bags lead to trash cans, then mops. All of these categories exploded with sales once posted on the webstore. Within a year, Wexler was in charge of a large online distributor of wholesale cleaning and janitorial products - including wholesale toilet paper. Watch out CleanItSupply.com! You may have seen him on the cover of Forbes standing beside his Maserati, holding a black trash bag. So this site's modest appearance belies a much more successful enterprise that happened in a meta sense - without fanfare and behind the scenes.

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Web Site re-design   Pretend a situation, you have a rather good web site with medium or even large member base. But the problem is that the site is really messed up and the page updates are harder with each time. The design also is not the best one...

STOP! It's time for a re-design! This is the offer you are looking for. We will re-design your existing site, giving it a new face - a brand new layout and design. Your members will be lucky and advertisers returning, just because your site will look professional and clean.

By subscribing to this offer you also receive a banner set of your choice and one month FREE webmaster help services from us. Price: $60

Standard Banner Design 

The most common way of advertisements on the web. So why not to create your own unique banner that nobody has seen before? This offer includes banner design of any size for any product you can imagine. You can choose the type of a banner - static or animated. All banners are small in size and perfectly attracts attention, if correctly used. Price: $10

Interactive Banner Design

All of us are using banners for advertising out site. However, in the last few years, the response rate of banners has dramatically decreased. Basicaly that's because of the incorrect usage of them .. and most of them does not link to the pages correctly. Advertisers want to use one banner for all parts of the page. So here is the solution. We provide you with quality interactive banner, that your visitors can use to gain information about your offer, even not visiting your site .. and if they are interested, they can click for details - in the area they are interested, not in the page as such. Price: $15

Webmaster Help Service

If you have a clearly and professionally designed site and you are afraid to modify it or you don't have enough time for that, just order this service and we will that for you.

Offer includes unlimited webmaster support for one month. Small design changes are also included in the price.          

1 Month $15
6 Months $65
12 Months $110

Please note that due to some problems with the payments we have had in the past, we require at least 30% of payment in advance, in order to be sure, you will purchase our work when it's done.

My own PHP programming web log - don't expect too much out of it


Future of MyForm class

01.05.2003 14:19

As I noticed today, counter of the webpage has skyrocketed :). It's a real pleasure to see that people find my classes useful. So what I'm going to talk about is the future of the MyForm class, as that's the reason most of you have come there.


Form generation class 1.1

30.04.2003 22:28

Finally PHPClasses.org has approved my class. It took exactly 25 days, however I expected to hear from them sooner. So during this time period I have found some bugs in the class and corrected them and .. I'm glad to present you an edited version of MyForm class.

The changes

Actually nothing serious has been changed. The things that have been changed are:
+ fixed a bug in addHidden method - there were some problems with it.
+ added text cleaning option at the showform method - now it's removing all the 'class=""' tags from the source, e.g. removes empty class definitions. So we decrease the traffic usage this way.

The usage

When I just started to create the class I even didn't think about how easy it's gona be used. Actually as of my experience I can say that it really helps out in development .. and I haven't met a class that could be used as easy as this one. Yeah, I know, most of the programmers prefer their own classes :).


Creating your own RSS feed

21.04.2003 20:59

As you noticed, some days ago I added a RSS feed to my website and told, that a bit later there will be an article about this. This article will show you how to build your own RSS feed for your already existing dynamic website.

Getting started

So what is this RSS stuff all about? Why do we need it? Who is using it?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's actually rather similar to XML file format, actually we could name RSS as a child of XML - it uses the same syntax and both of them are used to describe the data, not the layout or design, as HTML does.
There is no reason, why we need it. But there is a reason, why our visitors need it - they don't have to waste their time to re-visit our page in order to find out, whether there is something new or not. They just add the RSS feed link to their RSS reader software (will be explained later on) and see, if something new appears on the website.
As about those, who are using it - I'm using, and I know a lot of other websites, who are using them. As of my own experience - this saves a lot of time for me, and I guess for many more people as well. So if you care about your visitors time, read on and learn how to add this feature to your website.

The standards

As most of the web technologies, RSS has it's own standard, however the difference is that it's not a W3C standard as you could have expected. Actually I have no idea, why there is such a situation, but I don't care so much about this, as there is no difference for me where do I read these documents.
There are some 3 standards at the moment RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92 and RSS 2.0. I'll talk about the very basic functions of RSS 2.0 in this article.

RSS feed readers

There are a lot of RSS feed readers, for example I'm using Syndirella 0.9. Actually I think you can just do a simple google search for "RSS feed reader" and you will get a huge list of them.

The structure

I guess the best way to learn the structure is just to view the sample

First we have XML language and encoding definition (that's the similarity to XML I was talking about). Afterwards we go on to RSS stuff. We need to define RSS version, just like we do when we start HTML documents, we add document type definition. Then comes the actual data of the RSS feed - the channel element, that has a number of subitems. There are required ones as well as optional ones - as you can see in my example, I've included almost the minimum of these attributes. The only optional tag you can see tere is language

After defining the properties of your site, we can now proceed on the actual data that will be displayed on the RSS reader - item elements. There is nothing said about optional or required sub-elements of item, however I would suggest to add at least title, description and link attributes. Otherwise there is no real reason of making the feed. As you can see on my example, I have added comments and pubDate attributes as well. You can read about all of the attributes you can include at the RSS 2.0 specification page

After we have outputed all of our news items, we just close the channel and rss tags. That's it - we are done!

The programming

Actually there is nothing you can't do by yourself, if you already have some skills on PHP and have built your own page with dynamic content. There are people, who say, that it's as simple as editing out all of the design out of your index.php file, which genereates the dynamic page, and I must agree them - that's the way I created my RSS feed:

As you can see in the sample - first we output XML header for browser to understand that it's an XML file - actually there is no need for that, as most of the RSS feed readers will understand the file without these headers, but it looks better if you view it through your browser to check if everything is ok.
Now we just output the header of the RSS feed.
And finally we read the latest 10 news from the database and loop through them and outputing them to browser.
The very last thing we do is close the channel and rss tags.
That's it! We are done!

The catches

Actually by creating the feed I noticed just one catch - the way HTML needs to be formatted. You can't put just plain HTML tags into XML data structures - you need to replace all the < and > with equivalent HTML entities.
And another small note - you can't use relative hyperlinks in your description elements - the feed will not validate.


Finally don't forget to validate your created RSS feed file, as that's the only way to guarantee that your RSS feed will be readable by all of the RSS reader softwares. Besides that you will be able to put a 'Valid RSS 2.0' button on your site and feel proud about it.

The end

If I have missed something or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the comments.


Added RSS feed

14.04.2003 18:14

Ok, haven't posted there for some time .. Actually I don't see any activity from the visitors .. so I'm not hurrying to post anything there. Hot news: Added a RSS feed to this portal engine today


Something about mistakes

07.04.2003 23:24

Does anybody know what's the biggest mistake in PHP programming? Ok, maybe it's not the biggest mistake, but by making it, you'll have a lot of unslept nights and headaches. I've made this mistake by myself a lot of times and I see people all around repeating it over and over.


URL Rotator 1.0

URL Rotator 1.0 is a full set of PHP scripts for creating service, that can really help out people working with online marketing and promoting multiple online businesses. URL rotation service provides a chance to use just one link to promote all the businesses instead of using couple, dozen or even hundreds of links. At the moment, when new affiliate programs and online businesses start each second, it is the right time to provide such service to online marketers.


  • Unlimited number of target urls
  • Custom weight for each url
  • Detailed statistics
    • Total hits generated by a member
    • Total hits generated to each link
    • Hits generated to each link in last two days
  • Intuitive interface
    • Based on standards and our own experience
  • Standard and Premium memberships
    • Standard membership has your advertisement on the top of the rotating page. So you are able to advertise your own services for members who are not upgrading their accounts to premium
    • Premium membership has no advertisements and redirection to the advertisable page is without any delays and your link displaying in the browser address bar
    • Specify a custom price for Premium membership
    • Give away Premium memberships to a specified number of days or months (custom for each member)
    • Option to disable the Standard account type, if you do not find it useful
    • Automated Premium membership expiration
  • 1 Level affiliate program
    • Specify percentage which members receive for refering new premium members
  • Easy to use and powerful admin area
    • Member search by URL, Username, e-mail
    • Mass email
    • Statistics for each member and each link of the member
    • Overall service statistics - divided into two parts: Premium account holders and Standard account holders
    • Easy member information editing and deletion
    • E-mail notification on member adding a new link
  • Web based setup within minutes!


  • PHP (Also supports register_globals = Off)
  • MySQL 3.23 or higher
  • Web server with sendmail (preferably Apache)


  • Buy now this script for just $60 and you will receive:
    • Unlimited FREE updates to this script
    • Setup help
    • FREE support within first two weeks of usage

Do not miss this deal!

  • Please contact us to discuss the details about the script. E-mail for contacts: ingusrukis@apollo.lv